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Nominations help LPI to identify talented individuals in the community with leadership potential and inform them of the opportunity to apply to the Institute. If you know of someone who could benefit from participation in the Institute, you can nominate them year-round, and they will receive an email notification inviting them to submit an application during the next open round of the program. 


Effective leadership enables businesses, and communities, to succeed. The challenge – for businesses and the community – is that leadership training is often expensive and requires travel. The LeadershipPlenty® Institute provides high-quality community leadership training at no charge to you or your employees. Recommending your staff to LPI will benefit you, your employees, and the community.


Leaders aren’t born; they are developed. Waco’s future will reflect our current actions. The quality of tomorrow’s community and business leaders will directly result from the training and development they receive today. Just as intelligent managers and business owners are continually developing and promoting people for leadership positions, there is an ongoing need to develop leadership skills in the community.

"LPI training equipped me with lessons and resources that helped me make a difference in my community but the best thing was becoming part of a supportive, like-minded, diverse community of people who were also trying to make a difference."

- Jillian Ohriner 
We Grow the Co

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