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LeadershipPlenty® Institute (LPI) Commitment Form

Because of the significant investment that has been made by the Waco Foundation to underwrite tuition for all participants and because interest in this program exceeds the number of spots available each year, we require all our selected participants to acknowledge a commitment to the following:


1. Attendance at all 10 modules (class sessions) is mandatory to graduate: no unexcused absences will be permitted. * While we recognize that emergencies and conflicts arise, participants are expected to make every reasonable effort to participate fully in the 10 learning modules and must attend all 10 sessions (which includes completing make-up sessions for absences) to receive a certificate. In the event of an absence, the program manager must be notified in advance of the session that will be missed, and a make-up form for an approved make-up opportunity must be submitted for each pre-approved absence, with no more than two absences permitted for the term. A variety of make-up opportunities will be provided, but absences are strongly discouraged.


2. The hours of the sessions are as follows: the Morning session begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at noon; the Evening session begins at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 9:30 p.m. Your acceptance email indicates which session (Morning or Evening) you will attend.


3. Your attendance is required for the duration of each session/module, and participants are expected to actively participate and engage with the facilitators and their fellow participants during each module. Sessions are interactive and require full class participation to be productive and meaningful. We ask that participants actively engage in the sessions and reserve device use for breaks.


4. Missing more than two sessions/modules will result in non-completion of the course, and participants with more than two absences will not receive a certificate of completion. Failure to complete the course means that another qualified applicant has been prevented from being part of the Institute this year.


*Make-up opportunities will be offered during the term and will typically require a time commitment consistent with a course module (4 hours). In the event of more than three (3) absences, participants may be removed from the program or may be asked to delay participation until a future round of The LeadershipPlenty® Institute (which will require re-applying to the Institute.) We take this commitment very seriously to ensure that our participants are committed to completing the Institute, to honor the significant tuition underwriting contributed by Waco Foundation and other contributors, and to ensure the participation of the maximum number of qualified applicants each year. An absence during Module 1 will result in immediate removal from the class, as your spot will be offered to the next person on the wait list without notice.

I fully understand my commitment to the LeadershipPlenty® Institute and agree to be bound by the terms above.

Thanks for submitting this form!

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